How to setup WordPress

Install the packages:

Start the web server

Now the web server works, check it by your web browser:

Now we need to start a database server. We installed MariaDb to use it as the main server, let's start it:

Create a database user for the CMS and assign privileges for a database to it:

Let's check it:

It works, as we expceted it. It's time to install our CMS. Download the latest archive from the site ( and upack it to the root directory of the web server (/var/www/html, if you did not change it). Also don't forget to change owner of the wordpress directory:

Now we need to configure the CMS (see the primady doctumentation). Copy wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and edit it. You should change the account to access the database you have created.

Before editing:

And after we changed the database account:

Don't forget to change the owner of the configuration (we work as the system administrator)

Well, done... Let's test it:

Just fill all fields in this page and click "Install WordPress"

Now just log in the site:

That's all, so easy (wink)