DilOS platformHow to upgrade DilOS from APT repo

How to upgrade DilOS from APT repo

Update /etc/apt/sources.list by new repo - if needed - and run commands below:
$ sudo apt-get update

After that you be able to use steps below for upgrade your system to new BE.


Create new BE:

beadm create newBE

Mount newBE to temporary directory (for example we will use /a):

beadm mount newBE /a

Update /a/etc/apt/sources.list by correct APT repos.
We will use dilos-unstable for example and put it on top:

Example of source.list:
deb http://apt.dilos.org/dilos dilos-unstable main contrib non-free 
deb http://apt.dilos.org/dilos dilos-testing main contrib non-free

Update files list from APT:

apt-get -R /a update

Upgrade system:

apt-get -R /a dist-upgrade

Update boot archive:

bootadm update-archive -R /a

Activate newBE:

beadm activate newBE

Reboot system to newBE:

reboot -p