BeAdm and GRUB2 on DargOS

DeAdm is now prepared for work on DargOS with GRUB2 loader. Its sources are placed to branch BeAdm at the moment. To get it working you have first install DargOS how it is written here

Then take sources and make a build.

The next step is to copy BeAdm specific scripts to the /usr/sbin folder. They are:

  • beadm-add-menu

  • beadm-del-menu

  • beadm-get-default

  • beadm-new-menu

  • beadm-set-default

  • beadm-tst-menu

Then you need to copy the GRUB2 menu template file grub2.template to the /usr/share/beadm folder. After that please check if /etc/default/be file exists. If no - create it. Be sure that loader type in this file is defined like this:


And the last step you need is to put right symbolic links for the kernel and RAM-drive files in the root folder /. They are initrd.img and vmlinuz. For example:

ln -s /vmlinuz-5.10.0-13-amd64 vmlinuz ln -s /initrd.img-5.10.0-13-amd64 initrd.img

When you did everything just run beadm-new-menu script:


That’s all. You now can use BeAdm utility like you did it in DilOS.