How to install zcage

To use zcage you need to install git, nodejs and npm then clone the zcage repo and install it using npm.

# git clone && cd zcage && sudo npm install -g


 Before zcage is able to create new zones, it needs to activate.
This allows zcage to create all the zfs datasets needed for storing zones and images.

# sudo zcage activate --pool <pool that zcage will use to store data>


In Dilos we can only create zones of brand: dpkg

First we need to setup a virtual network interface using DLADM(1).

Currently each zone needs to have a different vnic otherwise it won't start.

# sudo dladm create-vnic -l igb0 vnic0

Here is an example of creating a sparse zone using virtual network interface vnic0 using ip: mask, as gateway and memory capped to use 2GB of RAM:



The default scheduler in Dilos is not FSS, for zcage we need to change it to the default: