How to setup Joomla

Here we will install joomla CMS with mariadb database. Firstly we need to install packages for basic software:

Now we need to create a new database from our site, let's start the database server:

Well, it works now, let's create a new database for the CMS:

The database has created but we need a user (for security reason) that will be used to access the database, let's create it too:

"joomla" is the username and "localhost" is the allowed hostname to access the database server, let's restrict the access of the account to the only created database (for security reason):

"joomla.*" is the database object (database.table, * means all tables in the database). We granted full access to the database.Let's test it:

Well, done... The database works! Read MariaDB documentation for more info.

Now we need to start an HTTP server, in our example it is apache2:

Now the server works, you can test it , just type its address in your browser:

Wow, it really works! It's time to install the CMS, just download it from the site and put the archive in your server. At writing moment it was (

Now just unpack it into the root directory of the Web server (it should be /var/www/html if you did not change it):

Don't forget to change owner for the files:

otherwise you will not be able to write anything into the directries!

Ok, it's time to configure our CMS, let's see at its web interface, type the address in the browser again and you will see it:

fill all the fields and click "Next" button at the bottom of the page.

In the follow page you need to fill the database account (we have done it in a previous step)

In this example we don't use FTP connection, just skip it

If you did all previous steps correctly, you should see this page.

So, installation of the Joomla is completed! Let's see it (just click the "site" button)

Here's it:

That's all, good luck (wink)