DilOS platformHow to create ISO

How to create ISO

It is - easy!

Current iso-builder based on old nexenta-builder from NCP3 with modifications.

You can try create your own ISO based on packages from DilOS APT repos.

For example:

Add new repo on top with updated packages:
deb http://apt.dilos.org/dilos dilos-testing main contrib non-free
Update files lists:
apt-get update
Install 'iso-builder' package:
apt-get install iso-builder


Create new dataset:

zfs create -o mountpoint=/export/cd rpool/cd

Copy configuration file from example to working:

cp /etc/ibld.cf_dilos /etc/ibld.cf

Edit file with updates for your system (or you can use all variables as is):

vi /etc/ibld.cf

Go to directory where ISO will be creating:

cd /export/cd

Run ISO build process with logging:

ibld-bootstrap 2>&1 | tee iso-build.log

You can find ISO at:

ls /export/cd/ibld-staging

Example: dilos-core_install-12-07-29_04-05.iso

You can use this ISO for installation to VM or try to record it to CD and install to bare metal.

If you want to add your packages to CD APT repo, you need add your APT repo to /etc/apt/sources.list on top before ISO creation process.
IMPORTANT: your package should have version more then original on DilOS APT repo if you want replace some original packages by your’s.

If you need ISO with your additional packages you can try to learn:

If you want to add your package only on CD - you can add packages to "STAGE0_CD_END"

If you want that your packages should be using on CD and to be installed to HDD - you can add packages to "STAGE0_CD"

If you want only install your package to HDD from CD you can add packages to "STAGE0_HDD_END"

iso-builder - it is open package on: dilos-userland.

If you found BUG and want to contribute - you can do it by instruction: How to contribute to dilos-userland.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ibld-bootstrap contain DilOS gpg key for sign APT repo on ISO.
You have to remove it or change to your gpg key.

Try to find C5513486 in file /usr/bin/ibld-bootstrap and comment line:

# echo "SignWith: C5513486" >> $repopro

After that you be able to use your own unsign ISO.

You need to know that DilOS gpg key is providing by package dilos-keyring.
This package is delivering by installation process.
You can create and use your own keyring.

You are welcome with questions to: Contacts.