How to configure CIFS

Create CIFS share:
zfs create -o mountpoint=/fotos zones/fotos
zfs set sharesmb=on zones/fotos
zfs set sharesmb=name=fotos,guestok=true zones/fotos
# we need it only if we want provide RW access to share
# also we can only to do: chown -R nobody:nobody /fotos
chmod 0777 /fotos
Check idmap or update is if missed mapping:
# check idmap mapping of 'Guest' user to 'nobody'
idmap list
# or add mapping
idmap add winname:Guest unixuser:nobody

After that, you be able correct to CIFS share from windows : \\<server ip>\fotos\ or from mac: smb://<server ip>/fotos/, but on mac you need select 'Guest' user