How to configure rsyslogd

DilOS platform replaced illumos syslog to a more flexible syslog daemon rsyslogd and from time to time you need to tune it for some reason. For example, most systems based on linux use /dev/log to communicate with the daemon to log their events, it is a soft link to a UNIX-socket which is listened by syslogd. In Solaris and illumos based systems /dev/log is not a socket, is is a STREAMS software device driver and you cannot communicate with the daemon via this device as it was a socket. See log(7D) for more info. We offer you to tune the daemon configuration to use a UNIX socket for your local programs, for example, /var/run/syslog.sock. Just add follow lines in the primary configuration file (/etc/rsyslog.conf) or place this code into a separated file (/etc/rsyslog.d/imuxsock.conf):

And don't forget to restart the rsyslog daemon:

Now you can try it:

So, it works!

Of course, our logger knows location of the socket (/var/run/syslog.sock), but your software may be compiled by default (i.e. it uses /dev/log). In this case just specify the location manually:

How to configure remote logging

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